New Product Announcement: Conserv v40

We now stock highly efficient LED Panel Lights. These are the same high efficiency lighting panels we use in our Energy Performance Contracts as they are not only high efficiency but also have the best light diffusion of any panel we have come across.

A highly efficient eco friendly LED luminair. The Conserv v40 are not only highly efficient but also have the best light diffusion of any panel you will come across.

Once installed, the Conserv V40 is guaranteed to be compliant with existing compliant light/lux level spaces.

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Advantages of the Conserv v40

  • The Conserv V40 is a variable wattage fitting which can allow manual decrease or increase in light output in the work area, further reducing the power consumption.
  • As long as the space was compliant (in light/lux level) prior to the changeover it is guaranteed to be compliant after this fitting has been installed and output setting selected correctly. Most LED luminaires end up with inadequate lighting and many result in a failure to meet Australian standards.
  • The panels are lightweight and an easy plugin changeover for a regular 4“ luminaire. We can provide installation or even just sell the fitting (including its variable wattage driver).


  • Quantities from 1 to 99: $110.00 each +GST plus freight and fitting if required
  • Quantities from 100-500: $100 each +GST plus freight and fitting is required
  • Quantities over 500:  POA

Highly efficient LED Panel Lights

With this cost-effective energy efficient lighting option you can see great energy savings for your energy project

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