Drive energy projects with funding

Conservia can offer complete energy efficiency project financing through our finance partners:
Verdia (Westpac Bank), ASM Money (green finance broker) and direct with NAB and Commonwealth Bank. This includes complete project financing (up to 100% of the project value) via a finance lease, commercial loan or commercial hire purchase.

A finance lease can be a very attractive option, as the finance is “off balance sheet” and the repayments can be tax deductible. Financial advice should be sort from your accountant to suit your specific circumstances.

Financing Partners: 


Energy Efficiency Finance Broker: NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank.

Additionally, Energy Upgrade Funding (EUF) is available in NSW, SA & Vic and Conservia can design and deliver investment ready energy efficiency upgrade packages to suit our clients and the financier’s requirements. This finance is funded by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, NAB & ANZ Bank.

  • Roll in into the maintenance up to 100 k no interest rates
  • Conservia Funding up to $1m
  • Verdia – via a partner
  • Commercial Lease 
  • ETC

Types of contract we work under:  

  • Fixed price lump sum
  • Energy Performance Contract
  • Finance energy solutions from future energy savings
  • Build, own, operate
  • Build, own, operate, transfer
  • Hybrids
  • On-Bill Finance
  • Green finance 
  • Environmental Upgrade Finance (NSW, VIC & SA)     
Conservia Energy Financing Verdia