End-to-end guaranteed energy financing options

Upgrading buildings for greater energy, water and waste efficiency is an extremely cost-effective way for businesses to cut energy bills, improve building value and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, many businesses face difficulty accessing finance for these upgrades.

When it comes to financing your energy project, there are several potential sources of capital for your business. We offer a variety of opportunities you can take advantage of to secure funding for your energy project. No matter which type of contract you undergo, the risk of the investment is completely mitigated, we’ve got the financing option your business needs to kick start your energy savings projects.

Types of contracts we work under:

There is no one-size-fits all approach but we are so certain of our solutions achieving your energy goals that we are fully accountable for the end results.

Fixed price lump sum
Energy Performance Contract
Finance energy solutions from future energy savings
Build, own, operate
Build, own, operate, transfer
On-Bill Finance
Green finance 
Environmental Upgrade Finance (NSW, VIC & SA)     

Finance Energy Solutions from Future Energy Savings

This option is suitable for medium scale project up to $1Mil. For larger project above $1Mil which require funding, we will evaluate each project on a case by case basis. This is a contract with a fixed number of years.

Conservia Energy Financing Verdia

Outsourced Financing

Conservia can offer complete energy efficiency project financing though our finance partners, Verdia (Westpac Bank), ASM Money (green finance broker) and direct with NAB, Commonwealth Bank & Macquarie Bank. This includes complete project financing (up to 100% of the project value) via a finance lease, commercial loan or commercial hire purchase.

A finance lease can be a very attractive option as the finance is “off balance sheet” and the repayments can be tax deductible. Financial advice should be sort from your accountant to suit your specific circumstances.

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Fixed Lump Sum Projects

This option is suitable for all type energy projects including major capital upgrade project. Contracted with a fixed number of years for guaranteed results.

For commercial buildings and shopping centres, NABERS guarantees can be provided. We are so certain of achieving results for our clients that when the targeted NABERS rating is not met, Conservia will commit to buying a green power to achieve the desired outcome.

Conservia Energy Project Funding Option EUF

Energy Upgrade Funding

Energy projects involving building works to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and cut water can access funding using Energy Upgrade Funding (EUF). 

EUF is available in NSW, SA & Vic and Conservia can design and deliver investment ready energy efficiency upgrade packages to suit our clients and the financier’s requirements. This finance is funded by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, NAB & ANZ Bank. 

With EUF you can obtain longer term and lower interest loans for environmental upgrades than are available under non-EUF arrangements. Increase the value of your assets while reducing energy, water and waste costs.

Your building tenants will also benefit through reduced energy, water and waste costs, and improved working conditions.

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