South Australian Energy Productivity Program
South Australian Energy Productivity Program

South Australian Energy Productivity Program (SAEPP)

South Australian Energy Productivity Program (SAEPP)

The South Australian Government is currently running the South Australian Energy Productivity Program (SAEPP), a $31 million government initiative to incentivise large energy using businesses to invest in energy productivity measures.

This programs intends to have a highly positive impact on the energy market in South Australia through reducing the energy usage and related costs to large energy intensive organisations.

 Find out more: Department of State Development, Government of South Australia  


Who is the SAEPP for?

Aimed at large energy using businesses in South Australia, the Energy Productivity Program will be available to South Australian businesses that use more than 160MWh of electricity each year.


How does the SAEPP work?

There are two parts to the Energy Efficiency Program:

  1. Energy Productivity Audit Grant Program:
    – Aims to encourage businesses to become more aware about how they use and manage energy within their organisation.
    – Grants of 75% of the cost of a Level 2 energy audit, up to $15,000, are available to businesses to engage an external energy auditor to identify energy productivity opportunities.
    – A total funding pool of $7.5 million is allocated to this component of the program.
  2. Energy Productivity Implementation Program:
    – Established to implement the recommendations of the audits conducted through the Energy Productivity Audit Grant Program or the recommendations of a recently completed energy audit with a preference for projects that provide broader market benefits to South Australia.
    – Grants will be available under two streams:
    a) Stream 1: Grants of up to $2.5 million is available on a 1:2 matched funding ratio.
    b) Stream 2: Grants of up to $75,000 is available on a 1:1 matched funding ratio.
    Each successful applicant is limited to receive one grant from each program within the SAEPP.

When can I apply for the SAEPP? 

Energy Audit applications close 31 May 2017.

Energy efficiency implementations applications close 31 May 2018.


How can we help you?

  • We provide complete solutions; we will help you with the audits, assist with the application process and deliver turnkey whole of facility energy efficiency solutions
  • We supply financing for energy efficiency projects (Find out more about project financing.)
  • We guarantee project success and take on the project risk


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