Retro-commissioning is generally undertaken during a facility upgrade. It is the process of commissioning the building to maintain or improve energy efficiency of the facility. Buildings are generally retro-commissioned every 3 to 5 years to identify new opportunities for improvement. Some of the benefits of retro-commissioning are to:

  • Improve occupant comfort 
  • Identify O&M and energy efficiency improvements
  • Building operator training to assist with maintaining consistency in building performance
  • Enhance building documentation


Some of the opportunities under retro-commissioning Conservia would consider are:

  • Equipment or lighting that is left on when not required
  • Improper building pressurisation i.e. doors that stand open or are difficult to open
  • Systems that simultaneously heat and cool, such as constant and variable air volume reheat
  • Equipment or piping that is hot or cold when it should not be and unusual flow noises at valves or other mechanical units
  • Economisers which often need repair or adjustment – potential problems include frozen dampers, broken or disconnected linkages, malfunctioning actuators and sensors, and improper control settings
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) that operate at high speeds that are not required
  • VSDs that operate at a constant speed even though the load needs to be varied
  • Pumps with throttled discharges
  • Short cycling of equipment

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