Metering Solutions
  • Metering audits for existing facilities, campuses and individual buildings.

  • Design and implementation of metering and monitoring to suit individual client needs.

  • Integration – Unification of sub systems enables facilities and enterprises to record, report and share data across multiple platforms to maximise efficiencies and optimise facility performance.

  • Facility performance – Improving facility performance is dependent on having visibility into your facility’s sub systems and processes to make informed decisions.

  • Energy Management – Energy management is more than simply  reporting on consumption. The use of Optergy software provides simple and user friendly tools that automate data acquisition and allow that information to drive process and modify facility behaviour in real time.

  • People Management  – The built environment is occupied by people. Optergy software provides tools to manage and inform occupants.

  • Data Diagnostics & Analytics – There are thousands of systems that gather and compile data. The tools we provide collates all the data in a manner that will assist our client in interpreting that data and then making an educated decision.

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