Conserv V40 LED Lighting Panel

Priced from $100

Reduce your power consumption using this high efficiency LED lighting panel and manually adjust your lighting power to suit your space.

Light up any area with the best light diffusion of any panel our energy saving experts have come across.

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Product Description

A highly efficient eco friendly LED luminaire, the Conserv V40 will save you energy and reduce your bills.

With its low glare and powerful light diffusion, the Conserv V40 is ideal for schools, offices and university lecture theatres.

Manually set the lighting level to suit your spaces with the adjustable lighting output for greater energy efficiency.

Quick and simple installation of this lightweight LED panel as it is easy to fit and just plugs in (for a regular 4“ luminaire)!

Once installed, the Conserv V40 is guaranteed to be compliant with existing compliant light/lux level spaces.


Quantities from 1 to 100: $110.00 each +GST plus freight and fitting if required

Quantities from 100-500: $100 each +GST plus freight and fitting is required

Quantities over 500:  POA