Energy Audits
Conservia is a leader in commercial and industrial energy auditing. We have an extensive knowledge of facilities across all building sectors and adopt a pragmatic and analytical approach during an audit. 
Conservia offers three levels of energy audit to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3598.1:2014 for commercial buildings and AS/NZS 3598.2:2014 Standard for industrial and related activities.

A Level 1 energy audit is a preliminary audit that will generate into a brief report on the potential opportunities to improve the facility’s overall performance. The Level 1 or Desktop energy audit, includes the evaluation of the energy consumption of the facility or a group of facilities, a determination of the potential for saving energy based on existing conditions and the preparation of brief and concise recommendations for building and plant improvements to reduce energy consumption and energy costs. The implementation of minor projects popularly known as Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and Water Conservation Measures (WCMs) are described in the audit briefly along with approximate energy and cost saving calculations, accurate to an extent of +/- 40%. Conservia’s audits include financial criteria such as Simple Payback Period (SPP) and Return on Investment (ROI) besides indicative figures on carbon reduction.

A Level 2 energy audit is  more comprehensive than the Level 1 audit and identifies the energy sources, energy supply and quantum of energy supplied to the facility / facilities. The audit also identifies what the energy is used for. It identifies areas where savings may be made, recommends metering strategies and measures to be taken with a more accurate statement on energy savings and costs. This level of audit is suitable for facility owners who are interested in obtaining a more accurate estimate than that of a Level 1 audit. ECMs and WCMs are described in the audit along with approximate energy and cost saving calculations. Calculations are accurate to an extent of +/- 20%.

A Level 3 energy audit is also referred to as an investment grade audit (IGA). This audit provides a detailed analysis of the energy used and the savings that can be made through the implementation of various ECMs and WCMs. Such an audit is recommended when a facility owner / portfolio manager / property manager have decided to implement a performance based contract. This contract is widely referred to as an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). A Level 3 audit would be conducted by a single energy auditor or a group of energy auditors and specialist consultants; all depending on the complexity of the facility / facilities to be audited. The provision of energy data by the facility operator for the year prior to the commencement of the EPC is mandatory. Should there be a deficiency in metering and sub-metering for the facility to be retrofitted, recommendations will be made early for such works to be undertaken as an ‘early works’ package so as to accurately determine the baseline. In some facilities particularly in the industrial sector, we would recommend data logging of individual machines and / or processes. A Level 3 audit provides a detailed economic analysis including ROI and Internal Rate of Return (IRR), carbon reduction, energy and cost savings, all within an accuracy of 10%.

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